Restorative Yoga at Quest Yoga Arts

Sunday February 23rd 4 - 6pm

Join Karla Diamond for this gentle yet powerful practice

Restorative Yoga for Body, Mind, Emotion, and Spirit. Restorative Yoga is a powerful practice that everyone can benefit from, regardless of age or fitness level. Taking the time to relax and let go of the "have to's" and the "shoulds" is essential to health and well-being. Restorative Yoga incorporates gentle, classic supported postures and breath. All postures are done on the floor. The practice of restorative yoga will: release deeply held tensions, calm your nervous system, strengthen your immune system, and increase self-awareness. $30 per person. Please complete your paid registration by the Friday prior so that we can plan for this event.

Every third Sunday of the month from 4-6pm at Quest Yoga Arts

Restore Mind, Body, and Spirit