Mrs. Detisch's Read 180 Class

Monthly News Letter

Welcome Back & Happy New Year!!!

The first week back from break was a busy one, and the children did a wonderful job transitioning back into their routines. We discussed favorite memories of 2014, as well as our hopes for the new year. This is a fun time of year because there is so much growth in the children

Advisory Read Along

In class, we have started to read "The Crossing" by Gary Paulson. This is a story about Manny Bustos, an orphan scrounging on the streets of Juarez. On the other side is Vietnam vet Robert Locke, trying to forget the war. When Manny decides to slip into America, the two meet — and discover endless new possibilities.

Focus for the Semester... Technology

Tools to be successful this semester

Gift Center

Our school offers after school tutoring at The Gift Center. This center provides help in your core classes from qualified tutors and credentialed teachers. Please feel free to contact Mrs. Hay if you have any questions regarding The Gift Center..