Big Jaws

Giant Jaws Crunch Everything

Were do they live?

They live in North South America, Australia and Asia. Crocodiles like it in these places because of the cool weather. Crocodiles also live in the Everglades. They love Florida because there is a huge variety of food and because it can be cold and hot at the same time.

How many eggs do they produce?

They are able to have twenty to ninety eggs. The amount of eggs a crocodiles can have depends on type crocodiles it is. The amount of eggs also depends on the size of croc. Crocodiles are also able to lay their eggs when they are moving or lying down.

Do crocodiles come in different colors?

Crocodiles get their colors from the place they live. Crocodiles come in different colors like white, black, green, brown, or gray. The white ones are called “albino”. Albino means lacking of color. It is very rare to find a albino crocodile.


In conclusion, crocodiles live in many places. Crocodiles also lay huge amount of eggs. Lastly, they come in many colors.