Green Earth

conservation Earth and reduce potution

Pablo and Lorena 1ºbach-3


The only planet who have living conditions is the earth. Preserving the environment and biodiversity are the most urgent work which calls for our planet.

To conservate our planet,we must reciclate.To make the reciclate good you must know a basic things:

Apart of that, we can help the eart doing save things like:

  • using electric cars or public transports
  • spend less light avoiding have the light on if we aren´t in the room
  • spend less water and have a shawer,not a bath
  • sow 2 trees for 1 who is cut
  • evit using quimic products

All this things are too dangerous for our planet.If we want to keep Earth save we must do these things which doesn´t need some effort

  • the importance of having clean air is essential, not only to increase our life expectancy, but also to prevent diseases related to respiratory tract which easily lead us to a certain death.
  • studies have shown that this gain of time has resulted in the decrease of cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary diseases often associated with air pollution.