Nuclear Fusion

Press Release 12-5-2015

Who? What?

I, Mallory Hayes, am proud to introduce my lab, Hayes INC., has disscovered something world changing. This something is called Nuclear Fusion. My team and I have disscovered a way to use nuclear fusion as a source of energy. If the Sun is powered by nuclear fusion, why can't other things use to nuclear fusion to create a source of energy?


We have disscovered that when two nuclei collid together they form one unstable nuclei. The only problem with this created nuclei is there are too many nutrons for this atom to be stable, so the atom ejects the unneeded nutrons with high energy. This reation is exothermic, meaning enerrgy is released. The energy needed to fuse the two nuclei is less than the energy given off by the fussion. This however can only occur in light atoms,. Heavy atoms use nuclear fission. Fission reactions are not forced reations so they do not require a lot of energy in order for the reation to occur.


When nuclear fusion occurs it is a explosion of energy. This is how the sun turn hydrogen to helium, how stars shine, and how hyrdrogen bombs go off. Whenever you are around a area that has nuclear fusion taking place it is always important to remember to wear saftey glasses and to stay back. Do not get too close to the reaction because it is very possible it could explode in ones face.

Economic Increase

Right now the world relys on fossil fuels as their main source for energy. The only problem is at the rate we are using fossil fuels they will be gone in a short amount of time. This is why it is important the world has other options at the time we run out. Nuclear fusion is a great option being that it would run around the same price as all other alternative sources of energy and does not take up space. Just like solar energy has to use roof tops or large open spaces, one would not have to worry about finding a place for nuclear fusion to happen.