Walking and Talking

What's happening Week #6 at CC Town and Country?

What's next?

Welcome to Week 6! The first quarter is almost complete. After our 2 week Fall Break, we will resume for Weeks 7-12, ending right before Thanksgiving. Upcoming is the ever so exciting "Tin Whistle" unit. Students will need to bring their own tin whistle to class each week, and parents are welcome to participate, too. :) Our science time in class will develop our observation skills through owl pellet dissection, crayfish examination, nature walks, and flower studies. Continue to review the Foundations grammar at home, and remember the official audio files will be removed from CC Connected file sharing on October 1.

Foundations to Challenge Connection

History helps students understand God’s providential plan and make sense of the political systems, religious beliefs, and societal institutions that we see around us. Many of the foundational ideas of our culture come from the Romans. In Foundations this week, you will finish your overview of the Roman Empire. In Challenge II, students translate passages from Caesar’s Gallic Wars. They begin the year with a comparison of three leaders: Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Christ. Students meet up with Caesar again in Challenge III Shakespeare. As students grow up in the Challenge program, they get the unique perspective of integrating their Latin, literature, and history.


Our Presenting Family is Abbi, Titus, Bethany, Emmaus, and Sarah Eden Cord.

Reminders about lunch and recess:
1. Students should always be in the care of an adult, even inside the building.
2. Balls should be kept inside the fence, unless a parent stays with students playing in the parking lot.
3. Children ages 6 and under may play in the houses. Please bring equipment and/or ideas for games for older students.
4. Please keep the hallway doors by the playground steps closed.
5. Students are to keep distance from the berry bush and gated maintenance area.

Elephant Rocks is Wednesday.
Shaw Nature Reserve is Thursday, Nov. 5. (and older student Canopy Climb is Oct. 22).
Contact Moyers about gymnastics.

We are on Fall Break for two weeks. Enjoy your time off and we will see you on October 20! Bring your tin whistles on that day.

Volunteer Schedule

What will we be learning this week?

Presentation, Science, and Fine Arts

Presentation: Show-n-Tell or Academic
The suggested topic for Weeks 4-6 is Geography.

Here are some ideas (but not limited to these):
Be a travel agent encouraging us to visit the ancient world.
Compare the earth before and after the flood.
Tell us about ancient Egypt and the Nile River.

Our Science Experiment is about tricking our senses.

The Fine Arts lesson is Drawing: Final project, finishing prior weeks' works.

Shaw Nature Reserve

Thursday, Nov. 5th, 10am-12pm

Missouri Botanical Garden: Shaw Nature Reserve, Gray Summit, MO, United States

Gray Summit, MO

Attend a class about animal adaptations. $2 per student. $5 for adults.