Lewis Elementary Second Grade

Newsletter Week of November 23rd.

Have a great holiday.

We have a short week next week, school will only be held on Monday and Tuesday. Have a safe and fun holiday weekend.


Adding double digit numbers. 43 + 20 (tens) and 43 + 25 (tens and ones)

Addition math facts 0 - 10


Inferring (Using our background knowledge to make a strong prediction)

Applying their reading strategies (wondering, questioning, visualizing)

Social Studies/Science

Rocks and Soil

Spelling and Grammar

No spelling list this week due to the holiday

  • Suffixes

Important Dates

12.7 - PALS meeting

12.17 - Winter Party

Daily Schedule

  • 11.23 - R
  • 11.24 - E
  • 11.25 - No School
  • 11.26 - No School
  • 11.27 - No School

P.E. Days - Wear Shoes

Bowers - R

Casey - A

Wegeng - D

Learning in the Classroom

Great Educational Resources

This website is full of educational activities for reading, math, science, etc. Please feel free to visit and use these resources at home.