Staff Saber Scoop

February 19, 2016


1. Remember to continue keep your students quiet in the halls next week due to testing.

2. We will have grade level meetings next week.

3. Fire safety is this week.

4. Don't forget about the Race for Education Meeting for homeroom teachers on the 23rd

@ 7:45.

5. Reconciliation will be on the 23rd. At 10:15 the first group will go over and when they are close to being done Jamie will text Cathie Durkin to let them know to come over. Remember 6-8 will do the examination of conscience

before they go to the Church. We will not be on an adjusted schedule

6. Tracey will be gone on the 24th for a principal meeting and her sister's surgery.

7. Our next Saber Sisters lunch for the 6th grade girls will be on the 25th.

8. Our server is filling up! If you have a lot of old files on your computer you should go into the network folder and delete old things. Also, remember you should start saving things on Google Drive or in Dropbox (Katie will be at grade level meetings next week to help if you need it).

Lunch Duty:

Cathy Herd

Kristen Bennett

Darcy Riley

Max Sherry

Judi Piekarski

Morning Duty:

Judi Buzzi

Eileen Monea

Door Duty:




Team K

Quote of the Week:

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Prayers Needed:

Adrienne's daughter, Darcy's cousin, Annie's brother and friend, Jackson, Tracey's sister, Alexia's dad, and the babies (Max and Mary P.) that are soon-to-be-born.

Are your assessments comprehensive?

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