Learning with TECH @ BLGPS



ICT departments has compiled a short write-up about the more useful functions in our E-learning portal AsknLearn. We hope that you will find it useful to apply in your daily lessons.

Self- directed Learning


Pupils can save their best wok and skills into their customised ePortfolio and shared it with their teachers and classmates. Some examples of work that they can save are their best composition, powerpoint slides for project work, photos from field trips etc.

Video Library

Teachers can produce/upload their own videos or upload videos from other sources into the video library. These videos can be uploaded from any MP4, M40 of FLV files. Teachers can share with fellow educators or pupils alike.

Personal blog/ shared blog

Instead of using books journals, teachers can get pupils to make use of online Personal Blogs. Pupils can customise their blog pages to suit their mood and personalities. Teachers too, can share their blogs with their pupils to enable pupils to get to know them better.


Teachers and pupils alike can make use of podcast to enhance their learning. Pupils can upload English or Mother Tongue oral picture conversation or discussion onto the podcast and their peers can critique upon them. This tool is good for peer and self- assessment.

collaborative learning

Wiki space

Wiki Space is a place on the E-learning portal where teachers and pupils can share work and ideas, pictures and links, videos and media - and anything else you can think of. Teachers and pupils can add a topic and anyone in the class can create, edit or share information to enable collaborative learning.


An online forum is also known as a message board, online discussion group, bulletin board or web forum. It differs from a blog. An online forum is a discussion area on a website whereby members can post discussions, read and respond to posts by other forum members. A forum can revolve around any subject in an online community. Online discussion can provide a learning environment that allows the immediate application of new information to learners' knowledge. Teachers can use an online forum for discussion on questions pertaining to any subject. Online forum provide pupils time to reflect and think before posting their comments and allow both introverted and extroverted pupils to be involved in online discussions.

Administrative tools


Through this link, teachers can create their own rubrics via the RubiStar website. It is a free website that allows teachers to create any type of rubrics for their class or level. The topics for rubrics are far-reaching such as Reading, Writing, Math, Science etc . Lower primary teachers will find this link extremely useful for PERI HA.

Tips and Tricks for MS Office

Intergration of Screenshot feature in MS Word

Enough use of the snipping tool or print screen buttons. Now you can take screenshots directly from the Word document you are working on.

The option of screenshot is in the ribbon at the top of your document. When you click screenshot you will automatically get few samples from the background ( that is at the back of the word document). You can either select from the available screenshots or click on " Screen clipping" to take the screenshot yourself.

If you select " Screen Clipping", your document will get minimized and a resizable window will appear over your background.
Adjust the border and instantly you will get the screenshot( that is the are inside the border) pasted on your document as below :