according to 'the vampire diaries' and 'twilight'


A vampire falls in the category of 'the living dead.' Also in this group of monsters are zombies, ghosts or any other monster that has to die to become what it is. All monsters in that category aren't easy to kill because they are already dead but not one of them is truly immortal though the ways to kill them are limited.

How they turn

According to the award winning 'twilight' saga all it takes is one bite from a vampire and a 3 day time period for the excruciating changing process but vampire diaries makes it out to be a quick three step routine:

1. drink vampire blood

2. Die within 24 hours of step 1

3.drink human blood or die forever

The only thing the two fantasy's agree on is that the first side affect comes immediately and becomes over whelming, the side affect being thirst.


Both teen fictions have similar descriptions, the "creatures" don't stand out in a crowd because they look almost exactly like us. They aren't pale, they don't have fangs they look like an ordinary people. The only way to know what they are is looking at their eyes. In 'twilight' vampires eyes are a shade of red, the shade depends on how thirsty they are, the darker they are the thirsty. The vampires with red eyes drink human blood or are newborns, but those with gold eyes drink animal blood and their eyes turn black when thirsty. Although the vampire diaries creator views the vampires eyes differently, the vampire are able to hide.


The most obvious side effect is the thirst for blood, in 'twilight' vampires don't eat or at least don't like to. Where as in 'vampire diaries' they eat just like a human though they do need blood to survive. Both teen fantasy's share these affects;

. The eyes

. Unbelievable strength

. Super fast

. Heightened scenes and emotions

Just in vampire diaries

. Compulsion

. Reaction to vervain

. Not able to walk in sun without daylight ring

Just in twilight

. Special ability

. Sparkly skin

How to kill them

In 'twilight' there is only on way to kill a vampire; tear them to pieces and then set them on fire, but 'vampire diaries' has varies ways such as:

-stake to the heart


-vervain (lots)

-sun (without ring)

-not feeding