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The Teacher of the Year

Introducing the Teacher of the Year.

This is the top story. Ms. Marcus, teacher of a class in Wilderness Elementary has been announced Teacher of the Year.

"She has really worked hard in math and poetry with her students," says Bob Woodman. All her students are talented in these subjects, and they all love them. Here we come to a student, Lonnie Collins Motion who has a whole book that is poetry. He read to us, his poem, Birth.

How we think Ms. Marcus got to be teacher of the year.

We think she became teacher of the year because she is so kind to her students. She feels what they feel and teaches them better than other teachers. She grows with them and learns with them as well. Ms. Marcus teaches them extraordinary poetry and math. Because of that, these subjects have become favorites of students.

What does Ms. Marcus think of her students?

They are extraordinary and wonderful students. They listen and work hard in everything they do. By far they are the best students in the world. Any teacher would think they are the best. They are very unique and have different talents. Lonnie, is good at poetry, but Angel, is good at science. These unique talents, are what makes them fun to teach.

how talented are Ms. Marcus and her class

" They are very talented," says Megan Williams. They might even be able to teach adults a thing or two. We can imagine in the future how these students will help mankind grow and learn. They will teach mankind many things and will possibly discover new things as well.

Picture Caption: Ms. Marcus, teaching her students poetry.

Get Cookin'

If you carrot all, come to the Garden Party. It is on the 10th of August, in 1980 at the vacant lot.

We are having a harvest festival to celebrate the gardeners because of all the hard work they did, tending to their plants. Even if you aren't a gardener, you can come. Bring your families, and then we can have the feast. The Mexican family, the Guano's will be hosting the festival. This will be a good time to make new friends and chat.

Heir Apparent Book Review

Heir Apparent is a terrible book. It is very boring and not a good book. I would give it a star rating of 2.

It is a very boring book because it does not have details. It is pretty much just a long summary. It has lots of restarts which is why there are the same things you read over and over. That is why it makes you frustrated and wanting it to just hurry up.

Heir Apparent is a book that just doesn't make sense. It has a very confusing plot, conclusion, and introduction. Heir Apparent also doesn't have much of a timeline. To sum things up, I really think you should not read Heir Apparent.