Medical Attention


Ashtin White

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Alcatraz right? sure you have , why else would you be here , so have you ever wondered ‘What kind of medication do the inmates get?’ , ‘What are the remedies if there are any?’ well this is here to answer those questions and others if it could.

Internal Illness

If one were to be sick with say the common cold , the united states public health service would send a MTA gave aspirin and other basic medicine.

But people with a more serious illness were scheduled for a doctor’s examination.

People with an injury that wouldn’t be the best , were sent to Alcatraz Hospital , it was well supplied , it was located above the “Mess Hall”(Cafeteria , Dining room Etc) the hospital contains x-ray , pharmacy as well as a dentistry.

Mental Illness

Now if one is borderline insane but still obeyed the rules they would be most likely tolerated but if crazy and kept it up after a therapist visits them , they will be sent to the “Bug Cages” which is a space where the warden or people of that unit could watch you and probably write down your activities in there.

Jim Quillen

When he first arrived he was described as a angry and bitter young man with a maladjusted attitude , he grew up never really knowing his mother and after a prison minister tracked her down to only find that she was deceased buried in a pauper's grave.

After that something changed in Quillen , with no hope of being free , he began working on his self improvement. The attitude made a 180 and he began working in the prison hospital where he sought and received training as a Radiology Technician.

Rufe Persful

Rufe Persful , a American criminal , convicted for Murder , Kidnapping and robbery.

For murder he was put in jail in Arkansas , which involved farm labor , he was given a “Job” of some sort , If i can even call it that , to shoot other inmates if they try and escape , He killed and wounded many and he was repaid in parole.

Then he was sent back to his role , this continued many times as he killed and/or wounded (sometimes permanently) inmates. From then on Rufe had a rough time in prison as he was suffering from Dementia Praecox which resembles Hebephrenia. (Disorganized Schizophrenia)

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