SEX !!!

Lets talk about it...

Do you think you're ready to have sex?

Here are a few things you should ask yourself before you have sexual intercourse:

What type of birth control will you use?

Does your partner have any STD’s you should know about?

If you end up pregnant will you be able to support a baby?

How do you know if you’re ready?

Down Falls of Sex

Although a lot of people can see the upsides to sex, there can be downsides.

Girls can get pregnant. Remember getting pregnant isn't just having a baby, it changes your life completely. You can get STD's. Remember, CONDOMS are always the ways to go! While they can't always prevent STD's, your amount of pregnancy scares will decrease dramatically!

STD's stick with you for life. Just imagine your with your partner and you really like him/her, then its the awkward/scary moment when you have to tell your partner "I have an STD." Will your partner understand? Or would they just be disgusted and leave? So if your going to be have having sex, be prepared for the consequences. If your going to have sex please be safe about it!


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