Where was he born? what year?

He was born in France in January, 18, 1689
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What was his job?

He was a lawyer, author, philosopher.

What are his greatest achievements in life?

His most important and ifluential work was published in 1748,the spirit of law.

What are their political thoughts and beliefs?

His beliefs was that no branch of the govermnet could threaten the freedom of people,also he believed in democracy, he did not feel that all people were equal.

Who are you goign to list as their 2 friends from the enlightment period?

  • Charles de secondat
  • Baron de la brede et de

Who are you going to list as their 2 friends from the 21 century( this time period)?



Why did you chose those twp people as friends from the 21 century?

  • because their buisness man and they would talk about the bad things that are happening to the usa and they would talk it out how would they help out to succed to stay equal no matter the race.
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quote meaning

its saying that the laws need to be for everyone.even the most important people.