missy Franklin

by Mallory


Hi I am doing a biography on Missy Franklin Missy Franklin was a gold medalist. Probably because she has always LOVED swimming!

Birth & family

Missy was Born in Pasadena California in1995 her zodiac sign is Taurus. Franklin was nicknamed "Missy the Missile" by her father.She horrified when her dad teased to embrued her nickname on a tee shirt. Missy Franklin's real name is Melissa Franklin, she is an only child.
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childhood & Education

She learned to swim at 5 because her mom was worried she might not be abel to swim. Missy loved to swim so much that Missy and her friends swam for the Colorado Stars!!!!!!!!! Before she was fames she attempted to qualify for the Olympics at age thirteen sadly she did not make it.

College & Career

In 2012 London Olympics Franklin won Gold in 100m and 200m back and a 4 by100m relay team. Although Missy loved swimming her friends were interested in journalism so she decided to give it a try.But latter on her love for swimming won her over!!! She completed her first international event 2009 at just 14 and in 2010 she was nick named Brake Out Performer of the Year

Accomplishments & Ledership

Missy has practiced swimming since five years old. Ounce she felt she was good enough Missy tried out for the Olympics at thirteen,sadly she did not make it. Latter on she made the Olympics at 17. Her friend Kira helped her win the 2011 championships and Missy was first girl to have 7 events.

Why I Feel This Person Is A Leader

Missy is a leader because she inspired other woman by being the first girl to do 7 events in the Olympics and she is vary vary kind because she gives some of her medals to her supporters. That is why I feel this person is a leader.
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