PM Kindergarten News

A long overdue update...

General Overview

First, my apologies for the time between these newsletters. I hope I have kept you up to date with the Remind 101. So here we go...

After the holidays, we welcomed Angela Cao to our class. Angela already knew a few people in class so it feels like she has been with us since the beginning of the year.

We have been so busy since our return from our Holiday break. We have been monster writers and readers. We have also been preparing for 100th day of school and Valentine's Day.

Mrs. Ojha is working on volunteers for the 100th Day of School Celebration and Valentine's Day. We are on Day 88 (Thursday) today. So it looks like the 100th day will be February 17th given any snow days. Our Valentine's Day party will be on Friday February 12th.

I will need each student to send in a decorated shoe box with their name on the box for their valentines by February 8th. When sending in the valentine cards for the class, just have your student fill in the "from" part of the card with no name for the addressee. It is easier to have the students just drop one card in each box for each student.

I will be sending home information next week about a 100 Day collection. Each student will count out 100 pieces of "something" for their collections. Some ideas may include: cheerios, paperclips, buttons, pennies, Legos or shells. Try not to have anything that rolls because each student will be counting out their collections on large charts on the 100 Day of School.

This is an important time of growth in our Kinder students. It is important to continue working on Lexia Core 5 with your child 15 minutes 3 or more times a week. I hope that all of our students are exploring Kids A-Z Reading app as well. I have some suggestions for Math apps on the ipad that would be helpful in supporting our math curriculum.

Splash Math Kindergarten


ABC Mouse

Thank you for your continued support of your children and our program. If you have any questions or concerns or just want to reach out, I am always available by email or at the door. I am so proud of our class. They continue to mature and grow every day.




In Writing, we have been working on developing an amazing beginning with lots of detail, transitioning words for our middle part of our stories and adding feeling to the end! We are learning to reflect on our learning. For example, after rereading their stories the students will answer questions like "Did I capture my readers attention in my beginning?" "Did I add lots of detail?" "Did I use transition words in my story?" and eventually we will reflect on our endings...

We would like to have a celebration day soon with our buddies. Everyone is working at a different pace so we will choose a day when everyone is completed a true story to share.

We have been working with our Kindergarten Sight Words in our reading and writing. Please continue to practice at home as well.

In centers, we have been working with Fundations and have moved on to Unit 3. I have sent home the overview this week. We continue to practice our sounds and tap out CVC words. This week we learned about the Bossy 'e' and how he makes the vowel say it's name. We have been working and exploring words like (hop/hope, bit/bite, cap/cape, mat/mate, rip/ripe etc.) Also, in centers, we have been working on the Words Their Way sorts for phonemic awareness. This program ties in nicely with our Fundations program and gives some extra practice in listening to sounds. We will be moving into word families next. We have received more Ipads so we will be using Ipads in our centers as well. This is a great time to explore our Reading A-Z app in school.


We have been working hard exploring numbers 0-100 through various activities. The students enjoyed working with 10 and some more to create "teen" numbers. We also have been working with larger numbers by recording the temperature each day. We record the temperature each day and compare the numbers from the day before. We have also been working with 2D shapes and will be moving forward with 3D shapes. Please see below for our favorite rap video to practice counting to 100.
DD: 1-100 Rap