Unit 1 Assessment

By: Elizabeth Bullington


Personality is defined as :

The combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character.

Personality determines what kinds of job would interest you. It shows what kind of things you like to do, what kind of work atmosphere you would like to work in, and what kind of interactions with people you are best at. Knowing what kind of personality you have can help you know which jobs would keep you interested and not bored with.

Your personality most definitely determines your career choice.

I am an outgoing and very open person. I'm not afraid to voice my opinion. I don't rely on other people, and I prefer to work on my own rather than in a group. I am a left brain dominate person. This means that I think more with my left half of my brain rather than my right. I use logic more than I use curiosity.

5 of my career pathways are professional support services, early childhood development and services, teaching and training, counseling and mental health services, and family and community services.

In my three person match from the college and career planning site, I got matched with a meeting sales manager, a executive director, and an associate of urban design. An associate of urban design usually enjoys going to live concerts and enjoys exercise. Executive directors usually like to travel and cook. A meeting sales manager also enjoys travel.

Personal Abilities

Knowing your personal abilities can help you chose which career you would be best in. You wouldn't become a singer if you couldn't sing, right? Knowing which things you are good at allows you to be confident in the things that you do.

Learning styles

My learning styles are tactical and auditory. Tactical learning is when you take in information in better by touch. Auditory learners study better by listening to music. They best fit my personality because I am a "hands on" kind of person. Knowing your learning styles can help you study and pay attention in classes and other things better.

Success, Respect, Confidence, and Independence

To be successful, you absolutely have to respect the people around you. If you don't show respect, they will never be for the things that you are trying to achieve. People will help you out if you show them that they are important and that they matter. Independence is directly connected to confidence. You can only be independent if you are confident in your work and the things that you are doing. You will never get anything done if you aren't self assured. You will always be thinking you are doing something wrong.