Author/CEO Shiana

Sammie Shiana

Sammie Says...Sammie tells you a vivid story of her life being flipped upside down taking you on a journey you won’t ever forget. From her childhood with a racist grandma to her dopefiend mom to being daddy's little girl.Her daddy finds a new way of hustling that would lead to lies, blackmail and even death.Sammie goes from the hushful, naive little patsy girl to a deranged girl with a gun strapped to her hip.Sammie will have you on the edge of your seat as she tells her tale of the many twists and turns in her life. At least that's what she says, or is she just blowing smoke?Check out Sammie Says... on Kindle and Nook

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I am author Shiana and CEO of Purple Rose Publishing LLC.I enjoy writing, writing beyond the means when it comes to street, urban fiction, thriller, erotic with all a little of a twist...I like going outside of the box leaving my readers in awe at the scenes making them feel as if they are looking at a movie in their head.I enjoy the thrill as I write. Writing has been my passion for many years since I was a child and I am excited to share my stories with the world.I live in Milwaukee WI with my two girls...that I love dearly. Not only am I a author/writer a wonderful mother that enjoy the love of the pen.Hope you enjoy my work just as much as I enjoyed writing it. Smooches!