Powerful P and Veteran's Day

Hello PROUD prek parents. We met our newest letter buddy, Powerful P, this week. We read Secret Pizza Party, How I became a Pirate, and The Pigs Picnic, just to name a few. We practiced handwriting on our own, in our journals, and in our phonics books. We colored and cut out a P vocabulary book. We brainstormed over 40 P vocabulary words. We wrote and drew pictures to our Veteran's. We made a book for ALL to see. In, math we are learning about the penny. We watched brainpop Jr. To learn more about money. We made a penny book. We counted with real pennies and got one from our teacher. We sorted and counted coins too. We learned about the Pilgrims, Native Americans and the first Thanksgiving with stories; The Very First Americans, Pilgrims of Plymouth, The Pilgrims First Thanksgiving, and The Story of the Pilgrims. As a school we donated 381 pounds of candy to #treatsfortroops. We also talked about how to treat Veteran's and what to say when we see them. Thank you for THE BEST week.

Thanksgiving Day Feast is @12 o'clock on Friday. Everyone is invited!!!!

Next week ................

We will meet another new letter buddy. We will also continue to learn about Pilgrims, Native Americans, and Thanksgiving. We will learn about skeletons, bones, and x-rays. We will also continue to learn about money by introducing the nickel. Please feel free to bring in books, but leave toys at home. Thanks for being great parents. I appreciate all you do for your students and school. Enjoy your weekend and be safe, Mr. Alaxson and Ms. Robyn.
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