Central African Republic

by Leigha McCall

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French Influence

France colonized the C.A.R. when it was called Ubangi-Shari but became the Central African Republic after gaining its independence in 1960.

Bangui, Central African Republic


Population & Language


French is the official language of the country. Sangho and Tribal Languages are also spoken.


Central African Republic is located in Africa.

Population Facts:

~92% of every 1000 babies born here die before their first birthday.

~3.9% of the population is considered "healthy"

~10,800 people die from AIDS/HIV

~23.8% of children in here are severely underweight and predicted not to see 6 years old.

~532,5189 (47%) of children aged 5-14 have to work in order to survive.

The Lords Resistance Army

Joseph Kony leads a rebel group called The Lords Resistance Army. He has been kidnapping children and turning them into trained killers, cooks, and sex slaves. He then unleashes his children onto towns and villages forcing them to cut off peoples ears,lips, and noses. He often forces children to rape and kill family members so they cannot return home. Joseph Kony believes he is doing Gods work.
The Lords Resistance Army

Viewer Discretion is advised.

There Are Also Some Good In C.A.R ;)

~You can visit the beautiful Boali Waterfalls

~You can got to one of 3 national parks and see amazing wildlife

~You can meet indigenous forest tribes

~Basketball is the country most popular sport and its a great way to connect with the children there

~You can visit Bouar, where their are burial grounds believed to have been there for thousands of years

~You can buy beautiful handmade jewelry from the civilians and buy handmade toys from the children

~You can take a ferry to different parts of the country

~Though hotels are only in the capitol you can easily get to other parts

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Lords Resistance Army

This next stuff is kind of sad...
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Central African Republic.

while the C.A.R. is known for it bad it is still a beautiful place with beautiful people. Just stay out of trouble when visisting.