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February 2019 Chalkboard News

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Green School Environmental Tip of the Month

Keep Warm This Winter

Adding a sweater and keeping your thermostat set a couple degrees cooler are smart ways to save some energy. But there are many ways to save energy that will conserve resources and save you money.

• Install a programmable thermostat. Being able to turn down the heat for large chunks of time, such as at night or while at work, can make a difference in your overall energy consumption. Consider turning off the heat to rooms that are not heavily used -- you'd be surprised how much even these small steps can help to reduce utility bills. Learn how to button up your home here.

• Perform regular maintenance. If you have a forced air furnace, make sure to clean or change the furnace filter about once a month. Most furnaces will need to be professionally cleaned and tuned once a year.

• Plug leaks and holes. In addition to insulating your attic and walls, another easy energy saving step is to winterize windows and doors by caulking and weather stripping. Feel for cool air around windows, electrical receptacles and pipe and wire entry points and learn how to block drafts.

Amanda Moore Elementary School

Romeo Community Schools:

Board of Education:

Dr. Gus Demas, President

Mr. Chris Young, Vice President

Mrs. Jill Rilley, Secretary

Mrs. Kim Barrows, Treasurer

Mr. Mike Antoine, Trustee

Mr. Wayne Conner, II, Trustee

Mrs. Anita Banach, Trustee

Central Office:

Mr. Todd Robinson, Superintendent

Ms. Jennifer McFarlane, Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services

Mr. Don Gratton, Executive Director of Facilities & Quality Control

Ms. Vicki Laseke, Executive Director of Business and Finance

Mr. Mark Nelson, Executive Director of Technology

Interpretación en español disponible poniéndose en contacto con Celia Ciecko 586-281-1419.

Amanda Moore Elementary School:

Mr. Roger Bennett, Principal

Ms. Dee LoGrasso, Secretary

Mrs. Tammy Hagood, Office Aide