Tropical Savanna

The Tropical Savanna is hot, we aren't lion.

By Treavor Johnson and Jackson Barnum

We warmed you about the hotness.

The temperature of the Tropical Savanna is usually hot. The lowest temperature in a Tropic Savanna was 8.8°C [47.8°F]. The average temperature is 18 °C. [64.4°F] The hottest a Tropical Savanna ever got was 249°C [480.2°F]. The temperature is decent for plant life, but it is very hot for animals, causing a need for lots of water sources. The spots on the map covered in yellow is were your will find a Tropical Savanna.

Hopefully we are dewing this right.

The Tropic Savanna has a dry and wet season. The dry season is around five to six months, from May to October. The wet season is usually five to six months, from December to March. Average rainfall in the wet season is 20 to 40 inches of rain.

Hopefully these plants don't soil themselves.

Plant life in the Tropical Savannas is very well, even though the heat is very intense. Grass can grow to three to nine feet tall! There are trees in the Tropical Savannas, like the The Acacia tree, and the Baobab tree. The Acacia tree can grow up to 65 feet once in full maturity. The Baobab tree can live up to a whopping 1000 years, thanks to a big, thick, trunk. The Baobab tree looks like it upside down, and one Arabian legend proclaims that the devil pulled the tree out of the ground, and put it back in upside down. The shrubs you will find in a Tropical Savanna do not have leaves. Instead, the shrub has many thorns.

Why isn't there any gambling in Africa? ....... There is to many Cheetahs!

Animals in the Tropical Savanna need to be fast, or able to hold water well. One of the animals that may be found in the Tropical Savanna are the Lions. The Lions would relax under a Baobab tree, while waiting for their prey. Hyenas will hunt at night, using their dark skin to hide in the night, and their skinny legs to make a quick attack. Tropical Savanna Elephants are the largest subspecies of elephants. The Savanna Elephant's front legs are longer then their back legs.

Locator Map

The Locator Map (seen below) shows were you can find a Tropical Savanna. The Tropical Savanna is colored yellow, while anything that isn't a Tropical Savanna is green.

Video on the Tropical Savanna

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Life around Tropical Savannas in Africa.

In Africa, people have began to raise ostriches and other known herbivores on Savannas, because, the usual domestic animal takes awhile to grow used to the grass of the Savannas.