Bernardo O'Higgins

South American Independence Leader


  • Born on Aug 20, 1778 in Chile. He was born into a governing family and was considered a creole in social standards. He was born out of wedlock and his father was Ambrosio O'Higgins who was eventually viceroy of Peru.
  • He was sent to England by his father for schooling at a young age.
  • He died on October 28, 1842.

Why Independence?

Chile was upset with an unruly governor, Francisco Antonio García Carrasco, and his scandalizing actions to try to smuggle in illegal fabrics from Europe. Chile was ready for it's independence form Spain who had installed a very strict regime.

3 Things Bernardo Did to Help Independence Movement:

1. Was one of the first members of The National Congress of Chile to help with all the political affairs going on.

2. He tried to instill a democratic government into the newly independent Chile. He abolished noble titles and tried to make thing more fair for the previously lower classes. Later, conservatives took him out of power before the entire nation would be swept of their elite powers.

3. When declaration of independence from the Spanish on September 18,1810 arose, Bernardo took action by forming cavalry and infantry units consisting of mostly his own people that worked on his land.