FOV Shower Stalls

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Why choose our Shower Stall?

Our shower stall is designed to meet all of you needs! Our massive area lets you have optimal space and movement in the shower without sacrificing design and style. Moreover, it also is designed for a variety of people; whether you be tall or small our FOV shower stall is designed for all! This shower will also last you a life time. Thanks to our detachable shower head and bench seating our shower is safe and usable for seniors and those who have movement imparing disabilities. Thanks to our FOV shower stall a safe comfortable showering experience is available for all!


Leslie Openhiemer

As an elderly person with arthritis bathing has always been a task of great difficulty and danger. Thanks to FOV showers I can now feel safe while bathing and I have my dignity bac

Walter Schmidt

As a person of considerable height I can finally take a proper shower and not have to crouch!

Our Features

  • 4x4x8 ft Shower Stall. Optimum for all types of people with different needs
  • White Porcelain Bench
  • Glass Door
  • Ceramic Tiling
  • Detachable Shower Head
  • Competitive Pricing. Value for Your Dollar
  • White Porcelain walls

Our Prices

The Price for the FOV shower stall is $1700, compared to the leading shower stall which is $2000. Our shower stall has more features and accessories for an affordable price which everyone can afford. We also can help with multiple monthly payment plan options.

FOV Shower Stalls (info)

This is Only the Beginning !

Established: 1980

Employees: 10,000

Fazal Musa: Chairman of FOV Group of Companies

Omar Hafez: President of Sales and Marketing

Vishwaa Ramakrishnan: Head of Construction