Stop Drug Arrest

Stop Drug Arrest One Step At A Time -haley adams

My Chosen Solution!

To stop Drug Arrest we can create a camp/ or program for kids that are at risk of an addiction to drugs this summer because kids are getting to the level of trying new things in life... This could help and educate kids on drugs so they know an addiction isn't a good thing and also isn't healthy. Also if kids get caught they have to suffer the consequences of drug arrest. This would show a full filled place to bring kids to have fun and be educated at the same time. This will bring the law enforcement and community together. By getting law enforcement, teachers, volunteers, and kids together and interacting with eachother; and allow them to think differently of eachother.

Why This solution will work!

Police feel most threatened by African American. They feel that they are the biggest problem of drug arrest. But at some point in our life we all have to stop seeing skin color and relize that everyone matters. Drug Arrest are not due to the African Americans, but people who have an addiction or like being around drugs. Drug Arrest affects all races.

My Message to you.

This camp will help bring law enforcement and community come together and allows law enforcement to feel more secure with African Americans. " I have a drean that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but my the content of their character." - Martin Luther King Jr

My Call To Action!

The community comes together as a meeting monthly to discuss the program of the camp and to review statistics. This is the when the community can call to action; any problem that may wine up. They review the percentage of drug arrest on a weekly, monthly, and yearly to see if it has made a change.