The "Orange Revolution"

The East's "March on Washington"

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Thousands of protesters gather around the capitol building in Kiev, protesting for a reelection after their presidential candidate, Viktor Andriyovich Yushchenko, was robbed of his office by Viktor Yanukovych and his party. The election was blatantly rigged by the Party of Regions in favor of Yanukovych, and it was decided that the election would be remade and watched more carefully. In the end, Yushchenko was elected by a margin of 9%.


Prior to the Orange Revolution, Leonid Kuchma had come to the end of his presidential term. He had previously been criticized for electoral fraud but was never proven to have done so. He chose Viktor Yanukovych as his successor. When Yanukovych won the 2004 election, supporters of Yushchenko challenged the results on charges of electoral fraud. This challenge became known as the Orange Revolution due to the color of protesters banners.


After less than 6 months, it was decided that the election would be remade. A victory for democracy in a largely communist dominated region was unprecedented. It showed that Ukraine was a nation willing to leave its past behind it and embrace a democracy. After hard fought victory, Viktor Andriyovich Yushchenko was declared the winner of the election, and Vicktor Yanukovych was ousted from office.

Stand, Taken

Unheard of in a communist county, the protesters were bold in standing up for what was right. They wanted to show that even with the history of violence surrounding the nation, they wouldn't sink the the level of those who would poison their candidates to get the one they wanted in. They would stand by and follow the example of Gandhi and MLKjr and change their country in a way where everyone would be there to rebuild it.

The news travels

NBC looks back upon the orange revolution in light of the protests that, unlike the ones in 2004, are distinctly violent. News recordings show the 2004 protests and the coverage that the news station provided to the U.S.
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