By:Levi Martin

Why I chose this career?

The reason I chose farming is because I grew up on a farm and I also have a lot of experience. I always would feed the animals and milk them. I also had a lot of experience on driving tractor in the field.

Education Needed

No degree but you need money to farm other wise you will not make it very far. Also you can go to college if you never been on a farm.If you did go you could take tech school.

What you do in this career?

They have to take care of animals. Like feeding making sure they're not sick and that they are eating. They also have to drive tractor. They have to plant the crops and they have to harvest the crops.Also before the plant they have to work land and after they are done harvesting their crop. Then when they are not doing that they have to milk the cows and order feed for the animals.

Experiences needed

You will need to know how to drive tractor.You will need to know how to milk cows. You also will need to know how much feed each cow will need.Also you have to find out if a cow is sick or not so it does not die.

Physical Science

The reason farming is physical science because you have to how much fertilizer you need so the crops can grow. You will also need to know how many chemicals for a field so the weeds dont take over the field. Also you will have to find out how much food a cow needs because if you dont the cow could die from starving. That is why farming is physical science

Physical Science

Cool Things About Farming

Interesting Things

That you are able to drive machinery and able to plant crops. Also you are able to be around animals and you can have different animals also. I also like the part where you get a couple off in the middle of the day.