Diary of a Wimpy Kid:Hard Luck.

By:Jeff Kinney

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  • The setting is mostly at school, outside, or at his dwelling.

Main Character

  • Greg Heffley

Greg, is a charater that like to use people an doesnt like to do things on his own he is always using his best friend Rowly as a packmule and doesn't respect him at all. But Rowley doesn't really see what Greg is doing to him he ust kinda goes along with every thing, not knowing that his own friend is using him.

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Other Charaters.

  • Manny Heffley
  • Rodrick Heffley
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Rowley(Greg's Best Friend)
  • Abigail (Rowley's Grilfriend)
  • Fregley (weirdo)
  • Charaters I DON'T like.....

    I really don'tt like Grge even though he is like what the whole book is about, I just don't like the fact that he is always running over people an treating them like they don't belong in the same world that he's on.


    At the beginning of the story Greg kind of feels like he lost his best friend Rowley to girl because, Rowley stop walking to school, talking, and sitting at the same lunch table with Greg to go an do thing with Abigail his girlfriend. So he feels lonely now.


    In the middle Greg is looking for someone else to hangout with someone who can replace Rowley but, he is having a VERY hard time looking for somebody that can replace him. He was at recess an he had to stand by the "Find A Friend Station" and no body came over but then on of his teachers came over with a board game to play with Greg but, Greg didn't really like that idea but went along with it anyway. After looking for someone to replace Rowley he came across Fregley the weird/nerd kid in school and was trying to get him to be more like Rowley but things where not going so well and Greg could tell that this was going to take some time. After a day or two Fregley kind of turned on Greg an stop hanging with him an thinks got a little weird after that. :|


    After a while Abby left Rowley for another dude and Greg and Rowley where friends agian Rowley explained to Greg that they NEVR stop being friends Abby was just controling him and NEVER had free time/ time to himself. :)

    The Problem:

    Th e problem was he had no friends after Rowley got a girlfriend. He tried to solve this problem by getting a nerd to do every thing but it backfired on him.


    You shouldn't make people feel small you should treat them the way you would want them to treat you no matter what happens. :)

    Theme/Main Idea


    My Opinion:

    I really like this book for the most part it was a book that could make some people think of how they treat their friends. :)