Destroy or be Destroyed

by: Adam Amend

This is the best game in the history of ever. Seriously.

My game board is called "Destroyed or be Destroyed." I'll explain how to play it and explain the game board. I'll also explain what the target market is and why I like it. I hope you'll buy this fun board game.

First I'll explain how it is played. You roll the dice and whatever the number is you cut that number in half. So, six is three, five is two, four is two, three is one, two is one, and one is zero. After you get the number you move that many spaces. If you land on a tile with a demand you have to do it. Next, I'll explain the HP (health percentage) part of the game.

You start with ten percent of health. You can gain or lose health depending on the tile. After a while you land on the battle arena square where you battle Destroyer. He has 100 percent HP and you must get it down to zero before you die. Next, certain characters has certain powers. Wizard has the beam of power which lowers the villain by 20 HP and the barrier which can withstand two attacks. The sprite has wand blast which lowers opponent's HP by 10 and has a force field for one turn. The pixie has a surge power which lowers everyone's HP by 10 for two turns and blast pack which blasts for three turns by lowering HP by 5. The troll has club smack which lowers opponent's HP by ten and club shield which defends for two turns. Destroyer has demon blast which makes you lose 20 HP and demon revive which gives Destroyer 5 HP per turn.

My target market is people from age 10 to 110. The game involves basic math and small pieces so young kids can't play. It also is good for teens who like role-playing games. People will like this game also for its helpfulness in teaching kids math. Next, I'll explain where this could attract customers in what areas.

I would advertise this during kids programming like during cartoons. Or I'll advertise on billboards for older people to see. Also, on buses for the people who use them to get to work as a gift item. Finally, in role-playing conventions since it involves a little role-playing. My last paragraph will be on where this will be placed.

This game will be placed in toy stores. It'll be in places like Toys R Us or small chain toy stores. It also might be in role-playing conventions as well. I hope you'll buy this game and enjoy it.