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How did the sewing machine change society?

Sewing Machines in the 20th Century

The sewing machine was an icon of the 20th century technology and American marketing strategies. The sewing machine revolutionized the garment industry by mechanizing factories and it also changed the way American women made their family's clothing at home. Sewing machines became the first mass-produced, mass-market product aimed at the middle-class wife. By the end/late 19th century sewing machines were common in many households. During the Civil War, the soldiers uniforms were made by using a sewing machine and if there was a rip or a whole in the uniform the sewing machine workers were able to fix them. Also, bathing suit factories started to enlarge because their products were more sturdy and durable. Department stores also started to rise because new and simple clothes could be sold there. Department stores sold everything from shoes to house decor like rugs.
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Sewing Machines in the 21st century.

The sewing machine is still being used today in the 21st century in houses and in factories. Today new inventions are coming out like the 3-D printer. Some people believe that the 3-D printer is the new sewing machine in the year 2016. The 3-D printer is a printer that can print a 3-D model of something like a necklace that might of been made on a computer. Issac Singer (a creator of a sewing machine who was competing against Howe) has a popular sewing machine that is rated in the top 4 for best sewing machine in 2016. His sewing machine can make monograms straight and clean with a 3-D pen. This new sewing machine is hands free and has fonts and over 100 stitches already programmed into the machine. All you have to do to work it is you put your foot on the foot pedal. You can select your stitch on the digital screen and you put the presser foot down so you can sew in a straight line. These are some big improvements from Singers first machine that you needed to hand crank the machine.
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