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Quadrilaterals are four sided polygons such as parallelogram,rectangle,square,rhombus,and trapezoid.


A rectangle have opposite sides.A rectangle have two pairs of parallel sides.All sides are right angles that measure 90 degrees. When you add all sides up your total should be 360 degrees.


A square has congruent sides. A square is a special shape because it makes up a rectangle and a rhombus.


A rhombus have opposite sides that are parallel.All sides are congruent and opposite angles are congruent.


A trapezoid have only one pair of parallel sides its the top and the bottom.


A trapezoid has opposite sides that are congruent and opposite angles are congruent.They have opposite sides that are parallel.


Acute Triangle

Acute triangles have three acute angles.

Right Triangles

A right triangle has 1 right angle and 2 acute angles.

Obtuse Triangle

A obtuse triangle have 1 obtuse angle and 2 acute angles.

Scalene Triangle

A scalene triangle have no congruent angles are no congruent sides.

Isosceles Triangle

A Isosceles triangle have 2 congruent sides and 2 congruent angles.

Equilateral Triangle

A equilateral triangle have 3 congruent sides and 3 congruent angles.

Four Different Types Of Angles


A obtuse angle is greater than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees.


A right angle is exactly 90 degrees and makes a square to know its have a right angle.


A acute angle measure between 0-90.


A straight angle measure exactly 180 degrees.

If You Need Help

Help Finding Missing Angles In Triangles

If you need help finding missing angles in triangles look on page 48.

Help on Quadrilaterals

If you need help on Quadrilaterals and you don't know the page number look on page 50

A Reminder


When you use a protractor make sure you underline the angle and see if you answer is reasonable.

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