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January 2022

From Mrs. Myrick

Welcome back!! I hope you all had a fun and restful winter break. I cannot believe it is 2022!!

Welcome to your last semester of high school! Make sure you are completing scholarship applications (check here for my Scholarship Newsletter) and checking your emails for news from me, your universities, and your scholarship applications. As you receive acceptances, please complete the forms below! As I have said before, make sure you keep up with your grades this semester and remain committed to your clubs and activities - colleges do care. As soon as you have determined which college or university you will be attending, please email me with your final decision.

Many of you have heard me say this multiple times, but remember to enjoy your last semester of high school - go to all the events, take all the pictures, and do your best to remain present!! You only graduate high school once. Make it count!

Junior students and parents: College night will be February 3, 2022 at 5:30pm! Please come to hear about the college application process. The After Graduation Packet (AG Packet) was sent out to every junior - please make sure that is completed and returned to me by February 25 so we can start our post-graduation planning meetings this spring!

Mrs. M

Transcripts and Letters of Recommendation


I will send all transcripts to universities and for scholarship opportunities. Please put my information on all applications!

Transcripts for Common App: you must sign your FERPA (located on the left hand side of the Common App Portal) before you can invite your recommenders. You will add Kelli Myrick, as your Counselor Recommender to add your transcripts.

Transcripts for SendEdu, Coalition, & all other Application Portals: You will add Kelli Myrick, as your Counselor to add your transcripts.

Transcripts that need to be mailed or emailed due to lack of portal system: Please complete the Transcript Request Form

Transcripts for Scholarships: Please complete the Transcript Request Form

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation for Applications: To receive a letter of recommendation from me you need to have completed a Post-Secondary Planning Packet (PPP). To request a letter of recommendation, you will add me as your Counselor Recommender via the website you use to apply to college.

Letters of Recommendation for Scholarships: I will use the same Letter of Recommendation for scholarships that I have used for applications. If you would like something specific to be updated in your letter (award given, honor roll received, extra community service hours completed, acceptance into an internship program, etc.) please let me know BEFORE the request is sent to me. If I did not write you a letter of recommendation for your applications but you need one for a scholarship, I must have a completed PPP before I can write the letter.


As you are accepted into college and universities, please complete the form below. I will be adding universities to the acceptance whiteboard outside of my office. Let's see all the universities the the Class of 2022 is accepted at!

College Acceptance Form

Scholarship Form