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August 26, 2018 * BOC Weekly Newsletter

this week's schedule

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The f-l-y-e-r-s schedule

F DAY: Wind Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, Flyer Choir

L DAY: Beginning Band, Concert Band, Philharmonic Orchestra, Bella Voce

Y DAY: Symphonic Band, Symphony Orchestra, Flyer Choir

E DAY: Wind Ensemble, Philharmonic Orchestra, Chorale

R DAY: Symphonic Band, Symphony Orchestra, Bella Voce

S DAY: Beginning Band, Concert Band, Philharmonic Orchestra, Chorale

Our Overture Period (7:20-8:15) is held each morning for band, orchestra and choir rehearsals. The F-L-Y-E-R-S rotation will begin on Thursday.


There are three bands, two orchestras and three choirs that need to rehearse on a regular basis, so we created a six day rotation to allow for equal rehearsal time.

We won't start the rotation until Thursday because band and choir auditions are taking place early this week. Once auditions are complete, students will know which ensemble they belong to and will be able to figure out their schedule.

Sixth grade musicians do NOT have to audition. Sixth graders are placed in Concert Band, Flyer Choir and/or Philharmonic Orchestra. Look above to learn which days those ensembles rehearse.

Seventh and eighth grade musicians can choose to audition for Wind Ensemble or Bella Voce. Seventh and eighth grade string students will be placed in Symphony Orchestra.

Once our rosters are complete, the lists will be posted on the Fine Arts hallway bulletin board.

There are several ways to know which day it is for our FLYERS rotation:

1. Check the Attea home page. On the bottom right, there is a "Upcoming Events" calendar. It lists each day (F-L-Y-E-R or S).

2. Check the Attea Fine Arts Calendar. Click on the "month" tab to see what's planned!

3. Read our weekly Flyer Lyre. There will always be a weekly schedule (and notes of any changes).

4. Download our monthly rehearsal calendar that will be included as an attachment with each Flyer Lyre. (The attachment is below).

Currently, we have scheduled FLYERS days through the end of November. We will continue the rotation throughout the year, but will make adjustments for snow days or other events.

August/September Rehearsal Calendar

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