Wheel And Axles Are Awesome Oh Yeah

by Sean B

Wheel And Axles

Why Are Wheel And Axles So Awesome?

A wheel and axle is a simple machine. It makes life easier by making it quicker to get around. Most of the time it makes work faster. Sometimes when I am inside for a long time sometimes my mom says to me "Come on Sean you should go outside for a little while" "Ok". Oh wait I just remembered there is a new shiny blue bike in my driveway. Bikes are one of my favorite things to do outside at my house. I don't mind riding a bike by myself. And if I get tired I can just play basketball. On a train you have probably seen the rod that crosses through the wheels on a train. The rod is the stick that crosses through the wheel. There are a lot of ways that a wheel and axle can help you get around for example. A train helps you get around, A roller blade is used to have fun, And a wheel barrel makes work faster. See there are a ton of different ways a wheel and axle can help you. Life without wheel and axles would be very hard.