March Newsletter

Whiteman Elementary

Upcoming Events

February 26 -Acceptance: Virtual Character Assembly

Spring STAR Testing Window: 2/8-2/26

March 2-5th -Read Across America Spirit Week ( SEE ATTACHED FLYER)

March 1- eS2S Luncheon

March 5th-Fire Drill

March: Participate in Statewide Drill-Tornado Drill

March 11th- AR Reading Celebration

March 12 Early Dismissal (1:00) End of Third Quarter

March 15-19 Spring Break

March 26 -Self- Control: Virtual Character Assembly

March 26-PTO Store Open

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Knob Noster Public Schools is seeking dynamic individuals to serve as Substitute Bus Drivers and Bus Drivers for 21-22 School Year. Candidates need to possess or be willing to complete training to to obtain a valid CDL license with Bus Endorsement. Successful applicants will be required to pass a background check and an annual physical exam. Random drug and alcohol testing is required.

Knob Noster Public Schools offers highly competitive wages and benefits for our transportation employees and may in some instances be able to combine multiple job roles/responsibilities for interested/qualified applicants.

Primary Location: District

Salary Range: $50.05 - $62.05 / Based on current salary schedule

Shift Type: Full-Time

Name: Katie Huntsman

Title: Transportation

Phone: 660-563-3186


Knob Noster Public Schools - Our Mission Is Student Success!

Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) Days

Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) will be used in the event that school must be canceled. Although it is a long name, AMIs simply allow for the continuation of learning while students miss days of regular instruction. AMIs are being utilized by several districts throughout our country in cases of inclement weather or other emergencies. It is our hope that students will stay sharp by keeping a routine and taking advantage of the academic opportunities teachers have provided. These lessons may be skill reinforcement, remediation, or enrichment. This plan will allow the opportunity for all Knob Noster students to be engaged in meaningful learning on inclement weather days when conditions prevent school from being in session. This will enable us to not have to make up the day at the end of the year.

For instructional information, lessons and schedule will be provided through Google Classroom. Google Meet will be used as the video conferencing platform for live instruction on AMI Days. All teachers, including special education teachers, will be available for students via email. Please encourage your child(ren) to follow the suggested schedule shared by their teacher to help them remain in a routine.

We recognize and anticipate that we will learn lessons along the way but we will make necessary adjustments to improve our AMI plan to best meet the needs of our students. We welcome your feedback and invite you to share information with us about how it is working for your family. If you have any questions, please email or visit with your child’s teacher or me.
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April: Purple Up Day

This annual observance allows all Americans to celebrate military kids. Purple references the joint environment of the military – encompassing all service branches, Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, and Veterans, and encourages everyone to wear purple. MCEC® celebrates Purple Up this year on April 16. We are excited to celebrate with our students, and look forward wearing a lot of purple in April!
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MCEC Resources

Update on Snow Days and Virtual Learning

Date: 2-18-21

To: Knob Noster Parents

From: Jerrod Wheeler

RE: Update on Snow Days and Virtual Snow Days

Dear Parents,

I hope this email finds you well and that your family was able to navigate through the snow, very cold temperatures, and any power outages that may have been experienced this week. No doubt, the sunshine today was very welcomed as we look to get back into routine. Please be advised, school will be in session Friday, February 19, 2021.

As we close out this weather event, I am writing as a follow up to recent communications related to the district’s plan this year on how to handle days missed due to weather. As you may recall from a prior memo, the KNPS faculty helped guide the decision to keep our early snow days as traditional days off this year, before moving into Virtual Snow Days. Below are the details to date as well as what you can expect moving forward.

Make Up Days

As of today, the district has missed five days of school related to snow. For those who have been in the district for several years, you may recall that in 2019, the district converted a number of missed snow days into teacher professional development days at the end of the year. This decision allowed students to finish their school year prior to Memorial Day while also allowing teachers to complete required inservice training aligned to one of our DODEA grants. Overall, the district received positive feedback on that decision.

At this time, we have developed plans to follow the same approach this year. Our goal is to allow students to finish the regular school term before the Memorial Day Holiday while allowing time for teachers to complete professional training related to a DODEA grant.

Accordingly, please be advised of the following:

1. State law requires a minimum of 1044 hours of student instruction each year. The district regularly exceeds this requirement by many hours, and this year will be no exception. The district also voluntarily offers an additional 120+ hours of learning during summer term.

2. Students will be required to make up one snow day on Thursday, May 27, which will be a half day of school. This will be the last day of school for the regular term. Wednesday, May 26 (the original last day of school) will shift from a half day of school to a 2:00 dismissal, since this falls on a Wednesday.

3. Teachers will complete four professional development / inservice days (June 1 – June 4) to meet the requirements of one of our DODEA grants.

4. Should the district cancel school for weather during the remainder of this year, we will deploy virtual learning through the state-approved Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) plan. Look for final details on this plan to be communicated directly from your building principal and your child’s teachers. Please help our team ensure that your child is bringing home their laptop each day and keeping it charged. Our student laptops are the critical link for virtual snow day learning.

Summer School 2021

The district will hold summer school 2021 from June 7 to June 30. Student incentives for attendance will remain in place, as they have for the past five years. A survey will be sent in the weeks ahead related to options for virtual learning for summer school. Additional details regarding summer school will be sent in March.

Knob Noster Public Schools in the News

Yesterday, Knob Noster Public Schools was once again highlighted by Forbes Magazine in conjunction with the Mars / Perseverance Landing. In addition, the Knob Noster Public Schools storyline was personally briefed by author Jim Cowen to the First Lady of the United States, Dr. Jill Biden. Cowen is the Executive Director of the Collaborative for Student Success, a Washington D.C. education organization and advocate for military students.

Below is a link to that article:

That’s it for this update. However, we have a very busy Spring ahead of us. Please look for more updates in the weeks ahead. As always, thank you for your time to review this information, and please reach out to our team or to me, if we may be of assistance.

Very Respectfully,

Jerrod Wheeler

2021 Call for the Arts- MCEC

MCEC® is proud to announce our 2021 Call for the Arts campaign. For 19 years, military-connected students in grades k-12 have submitted their artistic reflections of life as a military kid. CFA is open to all military-connected children and offers an opportunity to express their creative side through poetry, photos, and hand-drawn, colored artwork.

This year’s theme is: “The View from My Home.” Since military-connected children live in so many areas of the world, our hope is that their experiences will inspire them to show what life is life as an Army, Marine, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, and or Coast Guard dependent.

We encourage artwork, photos, and poetry that reflects the family dynamic, local community, and the people and places that make your part of the world unique.

Winners in the following categories (k-5, 6-8 and 9-12) will receive $100 Amazon gift card. We will recognize winners at our virtual National Training Seminar, highlighted on our MCEC social media platforms and included in our annual MCEC calendar for 2022.

Good luck to all of you, and thanks for submitting. Please click the link below for details on the submissions and the required entry form.

Download Submission Requirements and Entry/Release Form Here

Art teacher and military kid, Travis Ballantyne, shares his story and announces the 2020 CFA Winners

Check out the amazing winners of the 2020 Call for the Arts

We are especially aware of and sensitive to the enormous challenges confronting military kids and the disruptive impact COVID-19 is having on their lives. Our hope is the CFA can provide children a means of self-expression and reflection – a safe, creative outlet to process their emotions and make sense of their world.

Suggested Topics

  • Coping During COVID-19
  • Cultures You’ve Experienced
  • Pride in Parents
  • Grief and Worry
  • Military Lifestyle
  • Your Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams
  • The Life Lessons You’ve Learned
  • Parents/Family
  • Teachers/School
  • Transitions/Changes

Early Connections

Early Connections is a central place for families and professionals to access resources and information about what young children need from the Early Care & Education (ECE) system. We help families provide safe environments for their children, engage families in their children’s health and development and bring services for children and families together across the state.

    Early Connections is here to help you:

    • Find Child Care Options
    • Find Family Supports
    • Learn about child development
    • Access training
    • Learn how to get involved with the ECE system

    Young children are safe, healthy and successful learners, reaching their full potential.

    Early Connections makes navigating Missouri’s Early Care & Education (ECE) system easier for families and professionals. This website is a partnership between Missouri’s child-serving agencies who are working together to make it easier for families to access programs and resources for children from birth through age five. These agencies are also aligning policies and coordinating practices to make it easier for professionals to find information and training opportunities aimed at engaging families in their child’s safety, health and learning.

    What is an Early Care & Education System?

    Missouri’s ECE system is comprised of multiple programs that work with families and professionals to improve early childhood experiences for all Missouri children. These programs include home visiting, child care and preschool. Through collaborative efforts with state agencies, providers and communities, Missouri is working to ensure that families and other caregivers have the knowledge, resources, skills and tools available to help children grow to be safe, healthy and successful learners.

    Early Childhood Screening

    For children ages 3-5 years

    ( not Kindergarten eligible) who live in the Knob Noster District boundaries.

    Areas Screened: Motor, Language, Concepts, Social Emotional & Self Help Skills

    Results will be reviewed with parent after screening.


    Counselor News

    Parents and Guardians,

    Click here to view the February Counseling Newsletter or download the PDF version linked here !

    Starting this semester, your KN Counseling Team is sending out monthly newsletters to keep all of our KN families looped in on what your counselors have in store to support academic, personal/social, and career development within your child(ren)!

    Library News

    Read Across America week is March 1st-5th. Our school will have some reading incentives happening that week to encourage students to read for enjoyment and help foster a love of reading in all students. We will have a spirit week run that week, see the pdf attached below with details for each day.

    Please note that Wednesday, March 3rd, is designated at Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) time, teachers will dedicate at least an hour of time during the day to reading. There will also be a Potato Book Character decorating challenge happening through the library. See the pdf below for additional information regarding the challenge. Mrs. Kent will send home a paper copy too.

    Mrs. Kent will hold a Battle of the Books through the Library to help expose students to great literature. 1st-5th grade teachers will choose a picture book with their class to nominate. Each week in March, students will vote on favorites until one book is left. The class that nominates the winning book will earn a popcorn party with Mrs. Kent during their library class time.


    Weather permitting, students will have an outside recess. During extreme weather conditions, students will not be taken outside if the outside temperature is 100 degrees or more with the calculated heat index,or if the outside temperature is 15 degrees or lower with the calculated wind chill. When temperatures are above 95 degrees or below 25 degrees, teachers will use professional judgment concerning students’ appropriate attire for outside play, parental requests, and length of time spent outside and make modifications if needed to recess times. Students will not be taken outside when it is raining, snowing,or when lightning is in the vicinity. During recess, students are allowed to wear hats or sunglasses to protect them from excessive sun.

    All students should be dressed appropriately for the seasons. Our position with regard to students staying in from recess is that if students are well enough to attend school that day, they will go out for recess. A note from the child’s physician will be required in those cases where parents request that a child stay in from recess for an extended period of time due to an illness.
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    Reading Forces & Library Wall of Fame

    There is still time to join the Library Wall of Fame! Every year, Missouri nominates books that students can read throughout the year and then vote on their favorite to pick the winner of the award. Read the Missouri Book nominees by the first week of March to attend the Ice Cream voting party with Mrs, Kent to cast your vote for your favorite! The Show Me Reader books are for grades 1st-3rd, and the Mark Twain nominees are meant for 4th-6th grade. Visit the library website for the complete list. For the Show Me reader books, a student needs to read 6 or more, and for the Mark Twain nominees, students need to read 4 or more to cast a vote on their favorite book to help determine which book wins the award from the state of Missouri! If a student reads all the nominees from either category they join the Library Wall of Fame! Members are recognized on a character day and receive a certificate and new book as well as have their picture displayed in the library! Check out the picture of students that have already joined the Library Wall of Fame! Keep up the great reading and let Mrs. Kent know each time you finish reading one of the nominees!

    We have had great participation in the Reading Forces Program this year, and there is still time to participate! The Whiteman Elementary Library has designed a program to help improve the reading fluency of your child! Your child will complete a reading log like the one attached. Each time your child reads for 20 minutes at home, please write the date, minutes read, and initial in the box on the chart. Once your child fills up a chart, turn it into your classroom teacher. Every month Mrs. Kent passes out prizes to participants and in May we will have a pinning ceremony for students reaching the final ranks! There are 13 ranks total, so keep up the reading in order to reach the final rank! See the attached sheet for complete details for participants. Happy reading!

    News Casts from our Announcer Leader In Me Group

    Panther Nation Spirit Store


    Our school district has a new online spirit store! If you would like to order Knob Noster Panther gear for the upcoming winter season or purchase a gift for the holidays, visit the Panther Nation Spirit Store by clicking HERE. The store will also remain open throughout the school year until April 2021.

    The spirit store serves as a fundraiser for each of our four schools in the district. Funds raised will go to the school of your choice by clicking a school name during checkout. The apparel is divided in sections by school, however, there are items in each section that will work for all Panther Fans. The store also allows shoppers to choose one of three delivery methods: Shipping, Pick Up at Spirited Designs, or Monthly School Delivery. Please note if you choose the Monthly School Delivery option, parents from all schools will pick up orders at one location on the designated dates. The pick up location will be at Knob Noster Middle School Lobby, 211 E. Wimer from 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m on December 15, January 8, February 5, March 10, and April 7. Orders will not be sent home with students.

    The Shipping and Pick Up at Spirited Designs delivery options will be determined by order processing, and Spirited Designs will email customers when orders are complete. Please see additional details in the spirit store.

    Thank you for your support!

    Panther Nation Spirit Store

    Best regards,

    Tina Brant

    KNPS Communications

    Back To School Forms

    Updating Your Free/Reduced Lunch Status - Have you turned in your Free/Reduced Lunch application for 2020-2021?

    Even though meals are currently free to all

    students, District records must reflect the families who are eligible for free or

    reduced price meals. If your application has expired or your economic situation has

    changed, complete the Free/Reduced Meal Application here. Questions? Contact AJ Sowers via email


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