iOS Devices

General Information

Today's Workshop

Participants learn how Apple technology tools can support students with visual, auditory, motor and learning disabilities—and how to use the tools to provide their students with full access to the curriculum. When the workshop has a Mac focus, participants use technologies like VoiceOver, Zoom, Display Adjustments, Visual Alerts, Keyboard Shortcuts, and Word Completion. When the workshop focuses on iPod touch or iPad, participants explore how to personalize learning with mobile devices.

Agenda: http://db.tt/bYdS6U9J

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore Apple’s accessibility tools on the Mac

  • Explore iPod touch or iPad as a learning tool

  • Learn how Mac OS X, iPod touch, and iPad can help special needs students reach their full potential

  • Discover accessible content for special needs students

  • Use student learning profiles to create individual instructional plans that include the appropriate use of technologies

Awesome tutorials for those moments when you forget....

Getting to know your iPad:

Tech Specs - http://www.apple.com/ipad/specs/

Features - http://www.apple.com/ipad/features/

iPad Help:

iOS Guide

Getting Started

Photos to edit using the Photo App on your iPad

  1. You will need to tap on the photo
  2. The photo will open in a pop-up
  3. With one finger, touch and hold the photo (in the center)
  4. Tap on "Save Image"

iRead Activity

Please install the following app by tapping on the link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/quickvoice-recorder/id284675296?mt=8

Use the following story for the iRead activity:


Never print a report again!

Please install the following app by tapping on the link:


A rubric for practice:


Student Learner Profiles:

Learner Profile #1: ADHD or Executive Functioning

Student #1 has trouble getting organized and staying on task: taking notes, organizing work on paper, keeping track of homework.

Learner Profile #2: English Language Learner

Student #2 has difficulty conversing in English, struggles with pronouncing new vocabulary, and is introverted and frustrated with the language progress.

Learner Profile #3: Attention Deficit Disorder

Student #3 struggles with fluency, struggles with comprehension, and has difficulty identifying key points in reading.