Eli Lilly

By Maya

who is Eli Lilly?

Do you know Eli Lilly is? Most people know him as a pharmasist.Some know him as a family man with a daughter Evie and a wife Evelyn.

Life before getting famous

All his life was spent in Indiana he worked at his dads work. He had took over his fathers fishing club The Rowdy Revelers.Lilly had two wives .Lillys first wife was named Evelyn .His second wife was named Ruth .His daughter Evie belonged to his first wife Evelyn Evie was born in 1918 .Lilly and evelyns marrage did not last .They got devorced in 1926. In 1927 got remarried to his second wife Ruth.
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Getting Famous

He started Lilly in the 1920s .Lilly has 95 years.The Lilly in Indiana is the bigest Lilly in the U.S. He had some side jobs like Philanthropist ,Archaeologist,Athor,Preservationist ,and Historian.He was a vary busy ,and fasanating .Sadly he died and is bared at crown hill cematary


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