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2016-2017 Welcome Back!

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If you taught either ELD or ALD last-year and enrolled in either Canvas course you do NOT need to re-enroll.

ELD and ALD Professional Development Plan for 2016-2017

The Office of Curriculum,Instruction, and Assessment, Director Dr. Roman Del Rosario, is distributing to all sites the SUHSD Professional Development Calendar. ELD and ALD Continuing PD will be by both Zone and by ELD level this year. Please reference the Professional Development Calendar when released to sites.

First Week of School ELD/ALD Community Building and Assessments Ideas and Links

During the first 10 days of the school year it is important to accomplish two things: build a sense of community that helps our Short-term English Learners (STELs) acclimate to their new ( or returning ) school and get to know your students both personally and academically.

There are many ways that veteran teachers and sites build a sense of community.

One way is an "all About Me" written and verbal activity along with a school site scavenger hunt for people and places ELD students need to know how to find.

A Quick Read: 14 Ways to Cultivate Classroom Chemistry

SUHSD Googledrive ELD ALD Community Building Resource Folder:

Please Upload YOUR classroom Community Building Ideas and Documents to Share:

To understand the ELD student's level of English please administer your ELD Milestones Placement Assessments and the SUHSD Benchmark Writing Prompt (in Canvas). The score for both pre-and post SUHSD Benchmark need to be entered into Illuminate and the writing piece saved in the ELD Portfolio for beginning semester one(pre) and end of semester two (post), respectively.

Each Milestones Level Introductory- Level C has its own Placement-level Assessment available for all four domains. ELD and ALD teachers teaching the same level can coordinate at the site when and in which hour(ELD or ALD) the Milestone's Entry-level assessments for all four domains will be scheduled and administered by whom. An example of where these assessments are located is in the picture below.

Located in both the ELD-ALD Community Building Folder, and in ELD Canvas, The SUHSD district benchmark writing assessment should continue to be administered around the 10th day of instruction by the ELD teacher, and after the 10th day of instruction by the site tester or other designee.

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