Venezuela,home to the treasures of gold and priceless jewels

Caracas Cooking

Dive into the delicious tasting food Venezuela is prepared to give you! Do you have a passion for passion fruit? If you do then,prepare for venezuela's great variety of fruit to choose from! Take a ride around town, and come to the market and buy some cultural spices from other countries.Venezuelans are on very strict diets with these ingredients! Being healthy is important,so many venezuelans love veggies, so their diets include great tasting veggies,like carrots,or potatoes.Yum! Your in for a treat! a tasty treat! Venezuelans are masters in the kitchen when it comes to desserts! Pies,cakes,cupcakes! You name it! Once you get a taste of it,You wont regret it! You will adore the great food and desserts venezuelans would love to share with you!

Wow! Venezuela sounds great so far! But what else is cool about this country?

Caracas Cultural History

Come to Venezuela to learn,dream,and experience about the wonderful history and culture Venezuela has! Venezuelans came to Venezuela in groups of 16,000 people! Wow! It must have been packed! Explore the night,and join in on the culture festivals in Venezuela! Experience the Art and greatness of these festivals! Way back then,in early Venezuela,they used shells for weapons and tools! All over Venezuelan,venezuelans love to dance! They have dancing festivals and invite magnificent dancers from all over the world! The beauty of Venezuela is perfection! So much colors and art in one country!

Its just simply beautiful! You must come and see it!

Arriba in Venezuela!

The crisp blue waters are waiting! Come visit the greatest hotspots for tourists! The Angel Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in the world! The waters are "Angel" white and there is a national park between the Angel Falls. Wind surfing is a famous and fun thing to do in Venezuela! The waters are beautiful surrounding islands. The Barren Beaches are beautiful with crisp blue waters and white sand on Margarita Islands! On many islands in Venezuela you can play with the dolphins! You can encounter many animals in Venezuela! Many tourists love Venezuela because of the wild selection of things to do!
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Loving Languages!

Various languages are spoken throughout Venezuela! Learn about the great stories that led to these languages. Many Venezuelans passed on the beautiful,great names that have been passed on from either Indian, American, or even Spanish ancestors! In most areas in Venezuela, many Venezuelans speak lots of tribal languages! Most Venezuelans speak various languages all over! The Venezuelans speak Spanish as their official languages are spoken around Venezuela and they are so beautiful!

What beautiful weather!!

Venezuelans weather is magnificent during tourist-visiting time! Venezuela is filled with tropical trees! That's because they live in the tropics! It's usually warm all year! More time to do some visiting around the country! Venezuela gets up to 16 inches of rain during the year! Wow! During the summer the waves are narly! They get really high! Surfing here we come! Weather in Venezuela is quite perfect! Ride those waves!





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