Flight of the bumble bee

✴Knowledge about him✴

*He was born March 18, 1884

*His passing was June 21 the year 1908

*He died from a disease with the name of angina.

*By the age of 24 he was the leader of a group filled with young composers who were inspired to be just like him.

*Both of his parents were both musically talented but they were surprised to find out that they're son was unusually gifted.

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✴About the Song✴

*The flight of the bumble bee was created by him

*The inspiration was a old story

*The story was about a young prince who disguised as a bumble bee

*The musical era was Classical.

✴Discussion or Musical Era✴

* Classical had grace and multiple styles within the era or genre

* It was instrumental classico


*This particular song was in Little Einsteins

* There are multiple videos of people doing instrumental versions with others instruments