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1. Don't freak out

Perhaps you like to think you would be brave, but you might just freak out. And that is not un-usual. Although your heart might be pounding and you mind racing, try to remain call and still. Ghost for most part are completly harmless.

2. Try to Communicate

Calmly talk to the spirit, just as if you'are talking to a person you just met. Introduce your self. Ask it's name. Be calm and respectful. There is no guarantee that you will get a response, audible or otherwise, but it's worth a try.

3. Take Pictures

Take as many as you can while the apparition is visible. Also take some shots after the ghost and disappeared for comparison purposes.

4. Record some audio

There are 2 reasons for doing this :

  • You want to document your attempted communication with the spirit
  • You might at least get an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) from it.
Even though you might no hear anything at the time of the recording, you might hear something on the recording when you review it later.

5. Call others in

Having more people as personal whitnesses will also mean that they can additionally document the experience with their cameras and recorders. The more documentation, the better.

6. Wait it out

Don't leave while the apparition is still visible not even to fetch someone else. Watch it. Take note of what it does and how it reacts. Even if it disappear, wait around for a little while. Perhaps it will return.

7. Document it

Be as detailed as you can with your descriptions, and be completely honest. Encourage any other whitnesses to do the same so that you can compare notes.

8. Return

Return to the spot where you encountened the ghost. These phenomena seem to happen where and when they want to. But now, at least you will know what to do if you see a ghost.

Credit : Written by Stephen Wagner.

Quotes By : Nabila Avicenna

Without mysteries, life would be very dull indeed

-Charles De Lint

The true mystery of the world is the visible,not the invisible

-Oscar Wilde

Mystery is another name for our ignorance. If we were omniscient,all would be perfectly plain

-Tryon Edwards

Quiz By : Rico

Q : This Detective keeps a photograph of the beautiful Irene Adler, one of the few people ever to outwit him. Who is the detective ?

A : Sherlock Holmes

Home made comic By : Bima, Akbar, Agung & Dhimas

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Big image

The Cheater By : Rara Dewina and Vidi Ayuningtyas

That morning, Ms. Eva come to the class, she brings the test paper. Ms. Eva tells Ana to give the test paper to the students.

Then, Ana starts to give the test paper. Ana gives it started from Lisa. She looks upset,"What's wrong,Lisa?" said Ana. "Nothing, I'm fine." answer Lisa quickly.

After Ana finished gave the test paper to the students, Ms. Eva tells the students to do the test. Ana did the test well, because she already studied that last night and she won't to failed.

When Ana was done, Lisa was still not done with the test, she looks very upset because she was only looking under her tables.

After Lisa had finished with the the test, she came to Ana and asked about the test. She said,"How about the test, was it difficult?". "It wasn't too hard," said Ana.

Then Bimo,Andi and Mira come. They ask the same question. "Hi, how about the test?" Ana asked.

"It was very easy," Mira answered. She is the smartest student in Ana's class.

"It was very hard. There was a number that I don't understand," said Bimo and Andi at the same time.

"Oh,yes,Lisa. Why did you keep looking under the table?"Andi asked.

Suddenly, Lisa's face changed to red. She looks upset.

"Oh, I just think about the right answer,"said Lisa.

"I think you were cheated,"said Andi.

"No,I didn't. Maybe you did it." said Lisa angrily.

"No,I didn't." Andi answered with the angry face.

"Stop, guys!" said Bimo, try to make the debate end.

After a week, Ms. Eva promised will tell their scores. But,now, Ms.Eva looks very sad.

"I am very sad today, because I was found this answer sheet in front of this class," said Ms.Eva

"I believe, between this students in this class, someone was cheated," said Ms.Eva again.

The students look very shocked, same as Lisa. She looks very very upset. Ana shock and think. Who probably cheated in the test

Tanah Lot Temple (by : Karina & Shafira)

Tanah Lot Temple

Almost everybody who have visited Bali will know Tanah Lot, because it has an astonishing sunset view, that we can enjoy it from special place provided by the owners of the warung (local restaurant). But have you ever seen just down under the temple, in rocky cave, the is a snake who always stay there all the time, the size of the snake is not so big but local people believe it is a holy snake just like dragon who protect and guard the temple, we can't take it's picture because it is not allowed by the temple priest.

Source :

Dawn Of The Darkest Night By : Azza & Yarra

There you stand in the darkest forest

The wind is roaring through

Think about giving up the quest

The rain is drenching you

The lightening hits every tree

Your clothes are covered in dirt

The flashes so fast you can't see

Every step hurts

At the end of the Darkest night

Will always come a dawn

Don't give up the fight

Don't be their pawn

Every storm has to end

Every fight is yours to win

Stay close to every friend

Wear your enemies ruin


Jokes By : Rafid and Farhan

Stolen Credit Card!

One day there's a man name mike, he was on a store who searching tools, but suddenly there's someone bump into him and stole his wallet. Mike tried to chased that man. He asked for help to people around there but there's no one can chased that man because he ran so fast.

In the next day, mike asked for help to the police. He described the man who stole his wallet. After that, the police tried to search that man. After 3 days searching, the police find that robber. Unexpected he is mike's neighbor, but mike didn't angry to him. He said "You can take my credit card, because i know that you spend my money less than my wife did"

Where's my necklace ?? By : Agung, Akbar, Bima & Dhimas

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