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MichaelHannaCoaching Reynolds Roofing/CRJ Racing Coaching Plan Details!

The Reynolds Roofing/CRJ Racing Coaching Plan is a periodized training plan developed to maximize your success.

The plan is based on 3 month blocks that are periodized and include endurance building/FTP Building and racing!

The plan can be customized for the Rocky Mountain Road Racing Cup/Rocky Mountain Endurance Series/Winter Park Mountain Bike Races/Tour of the Gila!

Each 3 month Training Block includes:

  1. A 60 minute coaching consultation/training plan review
  2. A guided FTP/LT or Field Test
  3. HR and/or Power Training Ranges
  4. A complete customized training and racing schedule
  5. Training Analysis through Strava
  6. Unlimited Email support!

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Reynolds Roofing/CRJ Racing Coaching Plans

Custom training plans start at $299 for each 3 month block of training!

The more training plans Reynolds Roofing/CRJ Racing buys, the bigger the discount!

5% Discount for every 5 Reynolds Roofing/CRJ Racing members who sign up. If 10 Reynolds Roofing/CRJ Racing members sign up, the plan will be $269 per person.

The cost of a pair of bibs and a jersey for a winning coaching plan!

Credit Cards Accepted!