Middle and South American Leaders

Jean-Jacques Dessalines Born in West Africa (c. 1958 - 1806)

Governor, Emperor, General

-He was a slave in West Africa

Independence of Haiti: How Dessalines Helped:

1.He wanted to end slavery

2. Started a Civil War

3. Became the Emperor of Haiti

Haiti wanted its independence to stop slavery.

Dessalines also tried to implement reforms to improve Haiti’s economy. He enforced tight regulation of foreign trade, and favored commerce with Great Britain and the United States over France. He placed well-educated Haitians, primarily mulattos, into key positions in his administration.

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Dessalines depicted on a Series of 1916 Banque Nationale De la Republique 1 Gourde note (1916)

This is one way that Jean-Jacques Dessalines is honored today

Simon Bolivar

Born in Caracas, Venezuela on July 24, 1783 and was in the social class classified as Creoles. He died December 17, 1830

Places he helped gain independence:






Why they wanted independence

1. Spain put hash taxes on them and they were ruled by New Granada which they did not like.

2. Columbia wanted to be on its own because it felt that Spain had given them a corrupt government.

3. Ecuador wanted its independence because their people believed that its governing body ran the colony right down to the floor.

4. The people of Peru wanted independence because they had different beliefs than their leader.They wanted to overthrow their leader.

5. Bolivia also felt that their governing body was not doing a good job for the people

*Bolivar helped lead armies and helped countries riot and overthrow leadership in Spain. He idolized Napoleon and was knows as the liberator by organizing three different revolts,

He was born on July 24, 1783. So today this day is celebrated as Simon Bolivar Day.

Simon Bolivar's political legacy has been massive and he is a very important figure in South American political history.

This Day is an official holiday in Ecuador and Venezuela.