Child Labor Laws

Some of the facts you should know about CLL

Child Labor Laws was created by the senate in 1916

What? Federal & state legislation that protects children by restricting the type & hours of work they perform.

Why? The purpose of the Child Labor Laws is to protect children from exposure to hazardous, unsanitary, or immoral conditions, & overwork.

Child Labor Laws in Georgia

Minors under the age of 16 may work no longer than:

4 hours on a school day

8 hours on a non-school day

40 hours during a non-school week

Minors under the age of 16 may:

Not work before 6 am

Not work after 9 pm

CLL in Alabama

Minors age of 16/17 may:

Not work hours before 5 am or after 10 pm on a school night

*on months when there is no school in secession, minors 16 or older do not have an hour restriction

*no breaks are required for minors 16 or older

Child Labor Facts

Child Labor in Pakistan

I'm sure you've heard of Nike. We all know that Nike soccer balls are pretty popular. But I bet you didn't know that if you've bought a Nike soccer ball recently, the odds are it was made by a child in Pakistan. Over half the world's soccer balls are made in Pakistan on a production line with not only adults, but children too.

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Child Labor in Latin America (Columbia)

  • 2.5 million children are forced to work to support their families
  • only 60% of all children in Columbia leave school with a primary school diploma
  • some children work 6 to 7 hours a day
  • most of them work 9 hours a day
  • their wages are extremely low
  • they receive no health or unemployment benefits

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