Safety unit (SMORE) 10 fast facts

ways to stay safe

life threating situations can be very scary, but there are a few ways to remain calm and safe. To remain calm in the heat of the situation you must take a dep breath, and then you must think about what you want to do.

10 fast facts

1- seven people died per day in home fires from 2007 to 2011

2-cooking is the leading cause for homefires for the past decade.

3-nearly 60% of lethal fires are in houses with no smoke alarm.

4-to prevent electrical acidents with babys you should buy outlet protectors

5-electrical mistakes such as outlets can kill up to 74 people in america in one year

6-landscaping and garding cause 7% of electrical related deaths

8-over 4,000 injuries ocur a year do to electrical wires

9-be sure so child proof all of the electrical or fire hazard items in your house.

10-a lot of fires are caused by aging wires.