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December 15, 2014

Info For the Week (Secret Santa Week!)

Monday 12/15: 500 Club Drawing at 10AM | Yoga pants or sweats for staff :)
Tuesday 12/16: Theresa at a meeting from 11:30AM | No staff meeting
Wednesday 12/17: Hot chocolate bar set up in lunch room :)
Thursday 12/18: Mass | Christmas Concert 6:30PM in Church (Students meet in classrooms at 6PM)
Friday 12/19: Half Day | Students AND staff may wear school-appropriate PJs | Christmas party at 12:30PM (see Jocelyn's email invite)
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Students will be erasing iPads on Monday. We are moving toward a new system where they are all managed by me on a server. I will have the ability to push out updates, apps, etc. It should make everything MUCH smoother.

Parents will be sent home directions on how to back up the iPads and will be asked to do it by Monday. This will ensure students do not lose anything on their devices (photos, etc).

Please leave room in your Monday plans to help the students erase the devices and help me get them on the server. We will likely do this in the late morning/early afternoon. It shouldn't take more than about 20 minutes.

If you are giving an exam on Monday, let me know which times will not work for you and I will work around that. We will do one class at a time. I will need you to have a list of the apps you want on your students' devices so I can push those out to them.

Directions to erase the devices are below. You will need the iTunes password and a restriction code. I have asked parents to provide this information to you by Monday. I will also send home instructions on how to erase it if they would prefer to do it prior to coming to school on Monday.

Thanks in advance!

Thank you for your help!
What Most Schools Don't Teach
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