-September 19-

What Does Affection Mean?

Affection is "a tender feeling of attachment" ~ Merriam Websters School Dictionary
Who's affection do you value more, hers or the others? - Archie


The book "Stargirl" is about a teenage boy named, Leo Borlock and a unusual teenage girl, Stargirl Caraway. Leo and Stargirl changed a strong relationship. But Stargirl wasn't your ordinary teenage girl. She wore different clothes, wore no makeup like other girls, and her actions were different. Such as cheering for the opposing team at basketball games, singing and strumming her ukulele and lunch, and bringing her pet rat, Cinnamon to school. This book is about the journey Leo Borlock goes through and his affection for Stargirl.

Why Would The Word "Affection" Go With This Book?

This whole book is about the love story between Leo Borlock and the Stargirl Caraway. Unfortunately Leo and Stargirl hadn't gone to the end of the year dance as a couple, in fact, Leo did not go. But once it got dark Leo rolled up quite far just to see a bit of what was going on without anyone having to see him. He got to see pretty much all of what happened at the dance, yet 15 years later, Leo was still thinking about the one and only Stargirl Caraway. This showed that he still and he did have a beautifully strong affection for Stargirl.
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