Grantsburg School District

Substitute Teacher Training 2013-2014

Thank you!

You are a valued part of the Grantsburg School District! You have the power to positively impact countless children's lives each time you step into the classroom. Due to the nature of the job, you might have some questions.

What are some basic procedures I should be aware of?

Teachers generally arrange for subs themselves. Notify Cindi Throngard when a teacher asks you to sub for them. Cindi will call you to notify you of school cancellations if you do not have a child in the district. If you do have a child in school, you will be notified via email or over the phone as other parents are.

Can I earn sick leave, personal days, or emergency leave like a contracted teacher?

You are paid for the time you are in the classroom. A long term sub is a sub that is in a classroom for 10 consecutive days or more. (After subbing for 10 consecutive days, you are paid the daily rate of a contracted teacher (BA lane, 0 experience step). Although you are not eligible for insurance benefits, long term subs are able to earn sick leave, personal days, and emergency leave. Here is the breakdown: sick leave- 1 day for 20 days taught; personal leave- 1 day for 45 days taught; emergency leave- 1 day for 40 days taught. Leave days do not accumulate from one teaching assignment to the next.

Who is trained in first aid at each building?

Nelson Primary-Monica Sagle

Elementary-Sherry Ryan, Elna Doornink, Patty Meyer

Middle School-Penny Curtin, Yvonne Lindus, Bill Morrin, Kathy Lund, Sam Nelson, Pam Peterson

High School-Barb Denn, Linda Halacy, Jeanne Marek, Shelly Roland

How do I take attendance and how often should I do it?

An up to date attendance record is essential in maintaining student safety. You can use the following web address and password to log in to PowerSchool and take accurate attendance. Please make sure you do it as often as you are required (Nelson, Elementary, Grades 4-6: Right away in the morning and after lunch. Grades 7-8 and High School: Every block.

PowerSchool web address:

Choose the correct school. Select the appropriate teacher. Enter the password (sub:14). Click sign in. You will then see a list of that teacher's classes. Click on the chair for the correct class. Complete attendance.

What are the discipline procedures adopted by the School Board?

A safe learning environment is of utmost importance. It enables students to learn and promotes good character. It may be necessary to remove a student from the classroom in the event that their safety is jeopardized by either themselves or another student. Students may also be disruptive, dangerous, or exhibit inappropriate physical behaviors. This also warrants removal from the classroom. However, some behavior problems can be avoided by setting up and communicating clear, consistent, behavioral expectations to the class.

What do I do if a student is removed from the class I am subbing in?

In the event of sending a student to the office, call the office so that the secretary knows to expect them. If you need to escort a student to the office yourself, ask someone to cover your class first. You may also call the office and request help in having a child removed as well. Afterwards, please submit a short, written explanation to the office explaining what happened.

Do I have to be a tech expert?

The answer is no. Students can often answer any of the questions you might have! However, many of the classes you sub in will utilize technology to teach key concepts. Read the lesson plans ahead of time to see what technology will be used. If you are unsure, ask a neighboring teacher for help. It is always a good idea to have a back up plan in the event that the technology does not work as planned.

Some common websites that are used at Nelson Primary and the Elementary.

RAZ Kids ( a listening to reading website. The teacher assigns each child a log in and password. Their password is their lunch number and therefore should be easily remembered.

Reflex math ( a website that helps students practice math fact fluency. Again, each child is assigned their lunch number as a password.

There is a 1:1 technology initiative. This is what each building will look like.

Elementary- 1:1 iPads Grades 4-6- 1:1 iPads Grades 7 & 8- 1:1 chromebooks

HS- 1:1 laptops

Help! When elementary students try to use the Internet, they see a pirate asking them to enter a username and password. What do I do?

The username and password at the elementary is: username: esgeneric password: student

Middle School and High School students have their own usernames and passwords.

Will I ever be asked to administer medication?

Only trained individuals are allowed to administer any type of medication at school.