American Revolution Research

By: Stephen Kerpon

Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party was a rebellion led by Sam Adams dressed as Native Americans in which they dumped over a million dollars worth of British tea into Boston harbor.
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Boston Massacre

A patriot riot outside of a British tax house in Boston became known as the Boston Massacre after a patrol of British military men were provoked and or ordered to fire upon and kill five American colonists.
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Declaration of Independence

A formal document that was drafted by Thomas Jefferson and proposed to the 2nd Continental Congress it was finalized on July 4th 1776 and sent to King George III to officially declare that America was its own independent nation.
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The Intolerable Acts

A series of four acts passed by parliament in response to the Boston Tea Party it permitted a blockade of Boston harbor and also required colonists to quarter British soldiers, the terms were so harsh to the colonists that they renamed them from the coercive acts to the more prominently known intolerable acts.
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These were the men and women who caused the revolution they were the rebels who stood up to the mighty British empire and won their freedom from "The best military in the world" the founding fathers and other prominent leaders shaped this country from the beginning and are the reasons we are who we are today.
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