Miguel Martinez

English 9 4*4 Final Exam

1. Jouranal Reflection

If I could visit the past that would actually be a great thing to do. If I really was able to go in the past I would Change some of the decisions that I made in school or at home. For example, I got suspended from 6th grade and was send to renniasance for fighting. I wish I would have made a better choice and just not even say anything to the guy and maybe we would have never ended up in the confrentation that we were in. Also, at home I forget to do thngs or Im chiling and goofing around with my freinds and we end up breaking something and I get in trouble. That also is something that I wish I would have prevented. i have made alot of bad decisions in life and some of them were not good at all and some of then were good. But, I would love to go back and change some of them and see how my life would have changed if I wasnt so stupid back then. This journal inspired me alot because, you think about people in jail who have done something and wished they could go change what they did and maybe they woudlnt be in jail. That one second you do something can change alot in a matter of seconds also. You never know thats why u always make good choices.